NDARC Silent Key Sale

Following the passing of a fellow amateur, the below equipment has now become available for sale. We would request anyone interested in purchasing any equipement to contact us via email

Title Description Price
Cap Co 300 ATU Untested unit. Slight sratches to the plastic casing on the top of the unit, however otherwise a very clean unit. £100.00
Kenwood KR250 Rotator Controller Unit is untested and will require a replacement control cable fitting between the Controller and the Rotator £25.00
Yaesu YH55 Headset Classic Yaesu YH55 headphone. Tested and working £10.00
Microwave Modules Digital Frequency Meter Untested unit, includes original box. 0-50Mhz, 50-500Mhz £5.00
R N Electronics 2m Receive Converter Untested unit £10.00
Howes AP3 Voice Module Kit Untested kit partically built £5.00
Nevada Capacitor Untested £30.00
Desktop Volt Meter Untested, Unit has been modified £10.00
Low Pass Filter Untested £40.00
Cirkit Electronics Contruction Kit - Digital Wattmeter, Automatic VSWR Indicator & Peak Power Monitor The kit will require building £10.00
Homebrew Volt Meter Untested £10.00
Wide Band Dummy Load Untested £20.00
3-5 Amp PSU Untested £15.00
3 Amp PSU Untested Modified £10.00
PK-12 Packet Controller Untested £35.00
Bencher Iambic Key Untested. Needs a polish but in good conditon £65.00
Tokyo HY-Power 2m 30w Amp Untested £25.00
QRP HF CW Transceiver Untested £15.00
300w Dummy Load Untested £25.00
Clark Morse Key Untested. Good condition but will require a clean and dusting. £25.00
Noise Bridge Untested £ Offers Welcome